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What I Love About Summer.

Bonfires that are way too big. (marshmallow optional)


Summer Nights.

4 Days into July.

8 Barefoot Kids.

1 Blanket.

8 Corndogs.

2 Gyros.

1 Bucket of fries.

6 Skeeter Bites.

1 Can of Bug Repellent.

3 Trips to the Game Booth.

4 Missing Teeth of a Fair Worker.

8 Prizes.

1 Trip to Port-a-jon.

45 Minutes of Fireworks.

5 Miles of Backed Up Traffic.

And this is my favorite holiday.


I took this picture in Holmes County Ohio. Right smack dab in the middle of Amish country. The next picture I stood in the same place and took a picture of the same farmhouse, only I used a fisheye lens.

An hour from my house, it’s a whole ‘nother world.

Oh, humidity… how I missed thee.

After a long hard day of sitting and sweating in the moist air of Ohio. I like to sit down and shoot some pics with my new d80. Did I mention that to anyone yet? Yeah, a d80.

I know. I know.

Here is Reggie, playing sprinkler hopscotch. In a tummy exposing tankini. Avert your eyes.

What I Love About Summer.

#3. Rope Swings. (Picture taken by Mackenzie.)

What I love about Summer.

#1. Flip. Flops.

The cost of Buffalo Slime.

About 40 dollars.

That’s how much the admission price was to Wagon Trails Animal Safari Park.

The kids and I went with my parental figures and we all had a great time. p1010308.jpg

Everyone gets a big bucket o animal chow to feed these hungry creatures. So, they come right up to your for their ration of grub.


And in return you get a generous portion of their saliva.


I think the admission cost is so high to offset the amount of soap and hand sanitizer patrons use throughout their visit.


Chuck’s Day

As I mentioned, my hun turned 33. Here is my gift to him. I tiled the garage floor.


Yes, ladies and gents, I did it myself. (my Dad did help, alittle) But I still take all the credit.

It was not too hard to do and actually so much fun that now I am thinking, “What can I tile next?”

Then… On the birthday boy’s nite out, we trekked to Ohio’s 2nd largest fair. The Canfield Fair. We had a great time with the offspring and didn’t leave till the wee hours of 10:30…that’s right… P.M.!

Here’s Charlie with Reese. You can tell Chuck is being hypnotically pulled toward the gyro booth, no? It’s a force much bigger than him.


Bric a brac.


I’ve been putting of posting cuz, well, I feel there ain’t much to discuss, but for the tens of you who listen…

Summer is almost over and quite frankly, I am happy to see it go. I love fall. It’s my favie! Cool air. The trees in color. Taking walks in the woods behind our house. Hayrides. Bonfires. Pumpkins. And the welcome return of hearty soups. I am such a cheesball!

On a similar note… School has started. All hail the public educational system! I gaze in happy wonder as all but one of my offspring are carted away on a yellow bus of glory! I am now the proud owner of 2 hours of personal time. Which is  no easy task.

6:00 Wake up (truthfully, it’s more like 6:30)

7:00 Alina on the bus

8:00 Mackenzie on the bus (Alina goes to middle school now so they start at different times and ride different buses,)

8:30 – 11:30 Chasing Reggie and Reese, cleaning and whatnot.

12:00 Reggie on the bus. (She’s in half day kindergarten.)

12:30  Reese in bed.

12:30 – 2:30 Here’s my personal time. (Rejoice with me, won’tchanow?)

2:30 Alina gets out of school.

3:45 Keni and Reggie get home.

3:46 Chaos ensues.

In other news… Charlie is having a birthday tomorrow. Turning 33. Yep. 33. I asked him if he feels old, to which he replied, “I feel as cool now as I did when I was 23.”

Ah, the wealth of ego that lies in that man’s brain. I could read an endless pile of self help books and NEVER feel as good about myself as he does on a perpetual basis.

My good friend Lauren had her baby, Emma Rose. I have yet to see her and her little one, but have seen the video and hope to get to the hospital today for a sneaky peek.

Also, let’s take a moment and pray a new lawnmower (with one of those baggers on the back?) into my life. The one I have is over 10 years old and only works in one gear and only starts when Chuck opens the metal thingie and sticks two screwdrivers inside its belly until sparks fly then the engine starts. It’s like he’s magic or something.

So let’s pray…  so I can mow on a regular basis… so I won’t have to rake piles of clippings… and Chuck will be able to stop his use of black magic as I am sure our good Lord doesn’t approve.

The apple trees are pregnant with apples a plenty. I think I might make a pie.

All in all, not much is ahappening.

My life is certainly something to be envied forsure.