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I am a desperate housewife.


A word of advice:

Before entering a federal building, where three armed (and trigger happy) security guards wait all day long to see some “real action”, be sure to empty your pockets of guns and machetes. Oh, and make sure you also take out the box cutter you accidentally left in your right pocket. (Cuz that just don’t look good.)

I guess that’s more than one word, but you know how I babble on so.


Splenda. (a.k.a. sweet.)


We’ve all done it. Used our socks to pick up a little dust here and there. A scant dribble from a glass of kool aid. The dusty remains of breakfast toast.

Hey, if you own the right kind of socks they can easily multitask.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

(I once used Alina’s 3 year old body to dust under her bed, when we had hard wood floors, but that’s another story.)

So, check these babies out.

I want to get hard wood floors just so I can slip these puppies on and glide my way to a clean living room.

Save the Carrot Tops!


I was reading in a book recently and came across this interesting and somewhat saddening peice of information:

Within 100 years redheads will be extinct!

I pondered the validity of such an outlandish idea, so I googled it. Yep! It must be true! Cuz if it’s on the internet there’s no question to the integrity of the statement.  How sad.

My people. My red-headed brothers and sisters. Carrot Tops. Slowly dying out.

Apparently, we rusty locked fellows prefer not to marry or procreate with “our own kind.”

The government should do something about this… don’t you think?