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Sick Day.

So, for those who have the extreme blessing of knowing me, you know I like to verbalize. I am a talker. And sometimes, I whine. I might have an occasional tendency to complain. Shameful, I know. Woe to those who know me.

Today… I am sick. I gots me a little cold. Generously served up by one of my bacteria-carrying little ones. (They are so kind to share. – They get their giving spirit from their Mamma.)

So, now taking into consideration my love of the art of spoken words couple that with me sick? Well, no one wins.

It is a sad day, indeed. Let the complaining commence.

I could tell you of the stuffy nose. The scratchy throat. The pained ears. The chilly toes. (Oh! The chilliness of the toes!)

But I will try to save you from the torment of my complaining.(Because my love for you is so great.)

Instead, I will offer up to you… a pictorial.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So for your viewing pleasure, I give you.

My morning as a me… only sick.

Me and my BFF. My mac. The warmth of the motor. The glow of the screen. Ahhh….

It’s cold here at the “Du” today. (The “Du” is my husband’s affectionate name for our temporary home, a duplex.) We are trying to save some money on the heating bill. Anybody ever been there? The briskness may be why I am ill today. (Remind me to complain later.)

Here we have exhibit “A” of my illness. An empty roll of TP, which was my tissue of choice until Charlie got me a new box of ACTUAL tissues. Good thing he also bought a fresh supply of TP as well, as this was the last roll available in the “Du”.

When you are as ill as me. (Or as lazy as me. Or a combination of both.) You need to keep the essentials nearby. Here you will see my phone and remote. It is sad how worn out our remote is. (This is in no way an indication of how much TV we watch here at the “Du”. None whatsoever.)

Awe, look who stopped by to check on me… ain’t she sweet? So full of love. So full of kindness. Compassion, even.  She even brought her own blanket so I won’t have to share mine. (I am not what they call a “sharer”.)

Wait folks. Wait just a minute. She did not come as an angel of mercy… but a thief of my Mac. O cruelness of it all. I cannot bear such treachery… in my own house. It pains me so. (Remind me to complain about that later.)

I turn to the Bible in times like this. Of illness. Of betrayal. It is a healing salve, is it not? I do love me some study time. (Even if someone is stealing my covers while I read it.)

Cover stealer.

Even though, at the moment, my toes have reach chilliness that should never be known to man, I will push through this and share with you a bit of lost wisdom. I don’t know if you knew this or not. But one of the most well-kept secrets on recovery is M&Ms. Lot’s of them. Preferably peanut. I accredit them to my speedy recovery. Wait… I am not quite recovered yet. Maybe I should eat more?  Couldn’t hurt.

My oldest daughter has been homeschooling. What? I didn’t tell you? Well, she is. We have abandoned the traditional brick and mortar school for the “School in yer Jammies”. I highly recommend it. (Even if I have to take a break from eating M&Ms to check her American History quiz.)

When you homeschool, your child can attempt to speed your healing with humor. Humor may be healing. But wasting chocolate in such a manner? That is not helpful to my recovery. I wouldn’t advise it. In fact, it is frowned upon here at the “School in yer Jammies”.

And the younger are so easily influenced. For shame. (Remind me to complain about this later.)

I decided to paint my toes. I do enjoy to paint. Canvases. And although, most people might categorize me as creative, I am always disappointed in my toe painting skills. I chose this color because I thought it might look “Christmassy”. It does not. It looks “Shrekky”. I am not delighted. (Again, remind me to complain later.)

Here you go, something for  you lovers of all things random. Here is something that is CUTE & GREEN. Unlike my shrekky toes. Right? Right? It makes me smile.The caterpillar, not my toes.

Well, I must retreat back into my blankie. Have a bowl of stewed chicken and veggies. Watch the Hallmark channel. Maybe being sick isn’t the worst way to spend the morning.




My Newest Addition.

photo-5MacBook Pro. Plastic. Silver. 15″ Screen. Glorious. 

Welcome. Welcome to my home. Welcome to my family. Welcome to my heart.

Bric a brac.


I’ve been putting of posting cuz, well, I feel there ain’t much to discuss, but for the tens of you who listen…

Summer is almost over and quite frankly, I am happy to see it go. I love fall. It’s my favie! Cool air. The trees in color. Taking walks in the woods behind our house. Hayrides. Bonfires. Pumpkins. And the welcome return of hearty soups. I am such a cheesball!

On a similar note… School has started. All hail the public educational system! I gaze in happy wonder as all but one of my offspring are carted away on a yellow bus of glory! I am now the proud owner of 2 hours of personal time. Which is  no easy task.

6:00 Wake up (truthfully, it’s more like 6:30)

7:00 Alina on the bus

8:00 Mackenzie on the bus (Alina goes to middle school now so they start at different times and ride different buses,)

8:30 – 11:30 Chasing Reggie and Reese, cleaning and whatnot.

12:00 Reggie on the bus. (She’s in half day kindergarten.)

12:30  Reese in bed.

12:30 – 2:30 Here’s my personal time. (Rejoice with me, won’tchanow?)

2:30 Alina gets out of school.

3:45 Keni and Reggie get home.

3:46 Chaos ensues.

In other news… Charlie is having a birthday tomorrow. Turning 33. Yep. 33. I asked him if he feels old, to which he replied, “I feel as cool now as I did when I was 23.”

Ah, the wealth of ego that lies in that man’s brain. I could read an endless pile of self help books and NEVER feel as good about myself as he does on a perpetual basis.

My good friend Lauren had her baby, Emma Rose. I have yet to see her and her little one, but have seen the video and hope to get to the hospital today for a sneaky peek.

Also, let’s take a moment and pray a new lawnmower (with one of those baggers on the back?) into my life. The one I have is over 10 years old and only works in one gear and only starts when Chuck opens the metal thingie and sticks two screwdrivers inside its belly until sparks fly then the engine starts. It’s like he’s magic or something.

So let’s pray…  so I can mow on a regular basis… so I won’t have to rake piles of clippings… and Chuck will be able to stop his use of black magic as I am sure our good Lord doesn’t approve.

The apple trees are pregnant with apples a plenty. I think I might make a pie.

All in all, not much is ahappening.

My life is certainly something to be envied forsure.



I love my mac. I do. But not today. And not yesterday either.

I had to take my tech-companion down to Comp-USA for diagnostics.

For some reason, my mac turns off (by itself) and will not respond to repeated pushes of the power button. I unplugged it, then replugged it back in. THEN tried turning it on… nothing.

It’s done this before. I liken it to a temper tantrum, as it seems that’s what it is. Because after a while, I go back and hit the power button and this time… the hummmmm and whir of life.

Well, I gave it 2 days, and still no response. So off to Mayfield heights. I hand over my friend to the guy in the blue shirt anbd tell him, “My mac won’t turn on.”

He takes my machine over to the work space, plugs it in, and hits the power button. Pauses and hits it again. He unplugs it, walks back over to me and says, “Your mac won’t turn on.”