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He’s always watching.


And, yes, folks… that IS a beard!


Not that I’m Complaining… but…

Okay, I am.

Charlie bought me a square glass vase for Christmas. Ain’t it cute? (Well, you can’t really see the vase, but it is cute.)

But see the flowers? Not from Charlie.


From me.

I am the only one who loves me enough to buy me flowers.

Winter in Ohio.

When you live in Ohio you get creative in the winter. Being indoors for such a long time leaves no other choice. But if your name is Charlie, you’ll find other things to do. Not that this isn’t creative.


The Tu Tu.


Right now I am working towards getting certified in Biblical Counseling, and I am, at the present, studying  on  healthy sexuality.

The differences in the male and female views and ideas of sex will never cease to be interesting to me.

And it starts at a young age.

Here is an example:

When my husband was around 4 years old, his parents took him to a ballet recital to watch their daughter’s friend perform. My husband knew this little girl well, and played with her all the time. But when he saw her dance, something happened inside him, and he loved this new, warm fuzzy feeling. He knew that this feeling didn’t come from the girl, he played with her all the time, so it MUST be the dress she was wearing. THAT was what made him feel so good. So he had a plan.

After the recital was over, while his Dad was eating cookies and punch, and talking to other Dads, Chuckie walked over and promptly told his Dad, “Dad, I want you to buy me one of those dresses.” His Dad was a little more than embarrassed and yelled at his confused son.  Sending him away.

See, Chuckie thought if he felt that good looking at the dress, it would REALLY feel good to wear the dress.

His Dad never took him to another dance recital.