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3 Ingredients. 3 Steps. Butterfingers.

Here is your main cast of characters.

Three ingredients.

(And right now, at our local stores candy corn is 75% off. – Bonus!)

And you dont have to use Kisses for the chocolate… in fact, there are much better options out there for dipping chocolates. A friend told me about chocolate with paraffin… you should look into that kind, as the kisses as a chocolate coating didnt work fantastic.

And I used smooth PB… but my next batch I will use a crunchy kind… or a more natural “corse” PB.

First step:

Nuke those candy corns for 30 seconds. Stir. Nuke for 30 more seconds. Stir again. Keep nuking those bad boys until the are smooth and melty.

Second step:

Be quick now! Dump a whole small jar of PB in that candy corn goo… hurry! Quick! You are gunna wanna move fast… so have the jar open and ready to dump… cuz that candy corn? Solids up pretty quick.

Now stir! Stir! Stir! Do it like you mean it!

Third Step:

Dump that mixture onto parchment paper. You can put the paper in a pan to help you form it into a square… or you can do it by hand. Me? I did it by hand. Cuz I am hardcore like that. (Be intimidated.) Then chill that puppy.

Now you are gunna want to score that brick of peanuty goodness. Make it into bars. Make it into coin size pops. I made cubes.

See? Cubes. As you can kinda see… the texture isnt quite EXACTLY like a Butterfinger. But it is close… it’s crumbly and the taste and color is PERFECTLY like a Butterfinger. Wait… you’ll see.

Now, at this point, you can chill these cubes again… or move right on to the next step.

Step Four:

Dip. Dip. Sha na na na… na na na na na… Dip! Dip!

And there you go… bite sized Butterfingers!

I was able to make over 150 little fun size bites from one batch.

So there you go…. Homemade Butterfingers!

Lemme know how you like yours!


Turkey Day.

Pictured here you will find the turkeys.


Oatmeal No Bakes

Today I am sharing how to make oatmeal no bakes with the two interwebby friends I have (Hi Gina, Hi Dad.)

They are the quickest (read: 20 minutes start to finish) easiest (read: 8 ingredients, one bowl) cookies to make. And since I am #1 Impatient and #2 Lazy and #3 A lover of chocolate and all things fattening, I have made these over and over again.

Here’s what you’ll need:

For some reason, I left the milk outta the above picture. Just mentally photoshop some milk into that photo,will ya?

After you’ve done that:

Pour 1/2 Cup Milk, 3 Cups Sugar (I know..I know), 1/4 Cup CoCoa,  and a Stick of Butter (Yes! It’s unhealthy. I know!) all into a large pot. Just like this

See aren’t visual aids helpful?

Anyways, while stirring bring pot to boil. Boil. That means you’ll have to stand around and stare at the mixture for a while. Use this time to think of something useful.

There. Huh? It’s already boiling? Wow! That wasn’t so bad. See how it’s bubbly all over? That’s what you want. And you’ll want it like that for another couple minutes. (More positive thinking opportunities.)

Okay, and once a couple minutes have passed, turn off the heat. Whew. What a hard worker you are. I am sure no one appreciates it either. Humph.

Now add 3 cups Rolled Oats (At least the oats and sugar balance each other out right? What? No? Well, maybe not in your world, but in mine, they do.) So anyways, add the oats, then 1 Teaspoon Vanilla (As you can see from the first picture, I am super picky about my extracts, only the finest brands will do.)

Okay, I am rambling here… Oats? Check. Vanilla? Check. Salt? Nope. Okay then, 1/4 Teaspoon Salt and 1/2 Cup Peanut Butter.

You have to imagine what it looks like to add all that, cuz I was remiss to shoot a pic of it. But let’s take a second here to imagine it, shall we?


Okay, mix it up. And spoon it out,just like this:

Summer Nights.

4 Days into July.

8 Barefoot Kids.

1 Blanket.

8 Corndogs.

2 Gyros.

1 Bucket of fries.

6 Skeeter Bites.

1 Can of Bug Repellent.

3 Trips to the Game Booth.

4 Missing Teeth of a Fair Worker.

8 Prizes.

1 Trip to Port-a-jon.

45 Minutes of Fireworks.

5 Miles of Backed Up Traffic.

And this is my favorite holiday.

A la Carte.

What’s on the menu if you are this 2 year old little girl (And, in the photo I am referring to the baby, by the way, not me. I’m the one with the crooked glasses and kissey face.) :


Aw Bay Eees.                                                       Strawberries.

Pa Diddle.                                                            Popsicle.

Co Co Eats.                                                          Coco Wheats.

Beet Ball.                                                             Meat Ball.

New News.                                                           Noodles.

Ee Ee O.                                                               Cereal.

Pezol.                                                                   Pretzel.

See a Yum.                                                          Cinnamon.

Tick Yuck.                                                           Chicken.

Cooking With Cami.

My Aunt Bernice blessed me and my family with a ton of food the other day. And included was a BIG box of apples. So I cut em up.


After a while on low heat, some spices and splenda, I got:


The MOST delicious applesauce… EVER!

And on a similar note:

I made a Diva Themed Fashion Cake. Bask in it’s pink and purple hued glory.img_0267.jpg

Bask, I said! Bask!

Happy Birthday, Reg!


Reg had her 6th Birthday Party. It was a Movie Theme. We rented a theater popcorn popper and had 18 6 years olds over.  This is the cake I made. I am overly proud of it’s popcorny glory.


That is all.


In an effort to bring a smaller waistline to my husband and I, and to ensure the girls learn proper eating habits, I am forced to resort to….


it pains me to say it….

cooking healthy.

My hubby can attest to me cooking, yes, actually cooking (at a stove, no less) three times a day! That’s right! Three times!

Your mind must be reeling. Take a moment. Breathe deep. (That’s what Chuckie did and he says it helps.)

I bought a meal plan. I blindly bought every item on the shopping list.(Except for Orange Roughy, cuz… let’s be real here folks, my kids aren’t gonna eat a fish, much less a fish named after a color and an unpleasant texture.) I follow the instructions creating new dishes. We ate.

Although I did like my first encounter with sweet potatoes (chili powder fries) and the turkey burger on wheat was good, it had fat free cheddar cheese mixed in the burger.

I was not all that impressed with tonight’s menu. Well, let’s clarify, I was impressed with the recipe. The photo in the magazine looked delicious.


See? Doesn’t that look good? The shrimp looks huge-a-mongous. The display? As pretty as they come. What’s that little green sprig of some herb? I haven’t the foggiest. But it looks fantastic.

I followed the recipe to the letter. I bought the super king size jumbo shrimp. But this is what mine looked like. Avert your eyes if you are of weak constitutions.


My husband, not wanting to deter my new hobby of… how do you say? ah, yes… cooking, said it was good. He has his moments, folks. He has his moments.

Oreo Bon Bons

Recently I’ve discovered the happiness that is Oreo Bon Bons.

Let me share this happiness with you. And if you ask nicely, I will make you a batch.


Take one whole package of regular Oreos. Put em in your food processor. Make Oreo dust. (I never had a food processor until now. I never knew I needed a food processor, then I found these cookies and knew that life would not be complete without a food processor.) If you don’t have a food processor, put all your Oreos in a bag and bang the heck out of em with a rolling pin until you make Oreo dust.


Let a package of cream cheese soften, I like the fat free kind, cuz it’s softer and easier to mix and no one will ever know that there is a lack of fat, cuz of the existing heart clogging fat in the entire package of Oreos. Ahem.

Blend the Oreo dust and cream cheese in a bowl.

Roll into 1 inch balls. Place them on wax paper or foil. You should be able to make 100 lil balls. (Cue: all guys to giggle. “She said balls.”)

Wrap up the balls in foil and put em the freezer. Chill a few hours at least or overnite.

Later that day, or the next day:


Put a bag of white chocolate melting chips in a bowl. Microwave em for 45 seconds and check to see if they’ve melted. Not melted? Put em back in for another 45 seconds. Repeat until smooth and melty.

Take those balls out of the freezer. (Cuz that’s just not sanitary.)

Dip them in the chocolate and set aside on wax paper.


After they are all dipped, you can drizzle white chocolate on them, or dark milk chocolate.

Now, you’ll have a Merrier Christmas than what you would have without these glorious Oreo Bon Bons.

Let’s all give the good Lord praise for addictive desserts like these. And all God’s children said? Amen.