Self awareness

Hey, I have a blog…. I am always wanting to come back here to my powerbook and get my words out on the screen. Talk to the void. … say stuff….

you know, stuff.  Things.

I have so much to say.


Here’s an old draft of something that was on my mind in 7/2013 that I never posted. (Maybe because its a bit choppy and the words are broken in thought a bit. I am not sure.)


I dont know why I never hit the post button. But I am going to tonight.


Something I have noticed:  the less self conscious I am – the more powerful I am.

When I am overly aware of myself, any part of me…physically, emotionally, mentally…. it seems like everything I do drips of the sticky stinky mud of a sense of failure.

But,  on the other hand, when I am fully immersed in the moment or totally engaged with the person I am with, I have alot more fun and…. whatever I am endeavoring to do? It’s a success.

If we could somehow completely lose the worry of what people think of us …. imagine….

we would risk more spontaneity, humor, and discovery in our lives

we also would risk failure and looking foolish…..

but I think the payoff of the possibilities of the former is a fair trade to the experiment with the moment.

What’s the point? The less energy you have tied up in what people think, the more energy you can put into being the most authentic you…

and as a result?  the BEST of you shows up.

YOU have something original in you, a you factor. As I tell my girls, “Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken.

That’s the intersection of your unique gifts, talents and acquired skills and your own unique history and life experience.

Where you hurt, you bring depth, realness, and transparency.

Where you have soared, you bring hope, possibilities, and inspiration.

Where you have been can shape where your imprint can take others.

When you care less about what we think of you and more about what we think about what you are saying, by living your life free of self consciousness.

The KICKER. When we work our unique observations from our life experience, we have found a unique and personal “life message” that can touch others also.

Your creator speaks thru your daily steps of self discovery and celebration and that will free others to be authentically who they are.




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