Splenda. (a.k.a. sweet.)


We’ve all done it. Used our socks to pick up a little dust here and there. A scant dribble from a glass of kool aid. The dusty remains of breakfast toast.

Hey, if you own the right kind of socks they can easily multitask.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

(I once used Alina’s 3 year old body to dust under her bed, when we had hard wood floors, but that’s another story.)

So, check these babies out.

I want to get hard wood floors just so I can slip these puppies on and glide my way to a clean living room.


2 thoughts on “Splenda. (a.k.a. sweet.)

  1. Lauren says:

    I seriously need those. Seriously.

  2. neil says:

    I can see you gliding around on those…rolling over a cheerio and face planting on the floor.

    But you’d be wearing a helmet, right? like those speed skaters in the olympics?

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