Save the Carrot Tops!


I was reading in a book recently and came across this interesting and somewhat saddening peice of information:

Within 100 years redheads will be extinct!

I pondered the validity of such an outlandish idea, so I googled it. Yep! It must be true! Cuz if it’s on the internet there’s no question to the integrity of the statement.  How sad.

My people. My red-headed brothers and sisters. Carrot Tops. Slowly dying out.

Apparently, we rusty locked fellows prefer not to marry or procreate with “our own kind.”

The government should do something about this… don’t you think?


4 thoughts on “Save the Carrot Tops!

  1. Becky says:

    Cam…you’re such a goof! You haven’t been red-haired in YEARS!

  2. mitzy says:

    Does anyone really have thier “real ” haircolor anymore?..

  3. neil says:

    I say, why wait 100 years? Have them all gather for some sort of census and take them to the showers.

    That comment oughta bring more of the jewish community to your blog, Cami. Granted, not the kind of traffic you want…but at least Mel Gibson may stop by.

  4. neil says:

    awaiting moderation? Gaaaaah!

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